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What type of inflatable should I rent? Bounce house? Combo bounce house? Water bounce house?

Bounce house Combo bounce house Water bounce house

1. Classic Bounce Houses

Classic bounce houses are the most common type you'll find. They feature a large inflatable structure with walls and a floor that participants can jump and bounce on. These bounce houses often come in various themes, such as princess castles, superheroes, and tropical islands, adding an extra touch of excitement to your event.

When choosing a classic bounce house, consider the age range of your guests and the available space. Classic bounce houses are suitable for children and adults alike, but larger models may require more space for setup.

2. Combo Bounce Houses

Combo bounce houses combine the fun of a traditional bounce house with additional features like slides, climbing walls, and obstacle courses. These versatile structures offer endless entertainment possibilities and are perfect for events with a variety of age groups.

Combo bounce houses are ideal for larger gatherings and provide a more interactive experience for participants. They often include multiple entrances and exits, allowing for continuous play and reducing wait times.

3. Water Bounce Houses

Water bounce houses add a refreshing twist to traditional bounce houses by incorporating water features. These inflatable structures typically have a built-in water slide or a splash pool, making them an excellent choice for summer parties or events near water sources.

When renting a water bounce house, ensure that you have access to a water source and appropriate drainage to avoid any water-related issues. Additionally, make sure to follow proper safety guidelines, such as providing adult supervision and ensuring participants wear appropriate swimwear.

Our 20'x20' Combo Bouncer combines all three types of bouncers into one spectacular unit. You can bounce, climb, slide and splash down into a wading pool. Great for children of all ages. This unit can be used as a wet or dry unit.

Bounce house. Combo bounce house. Water bounce house

Bounce house combo bounce house water bounce house

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